Friday, December 9, 2011

Social Networking

I am feeling interested, yet precarious about social networking at the moment. I was encouraged on my “Linkedin” account to connect my blog to my website... helpful... good idea. It brings me here.

I want to share. I want people to see my work. I like being creative on the computer. I want to sell prints, share ideas, gain exposure, get feedback... I want to find ways to make a living as an artist.

I think it will take practice and discipline to know when to engage and when to step away. At some point I need to create something new and not rest on the laurels and marketing of past work.

Writing a blog is a way to engage in and perpetuate ideas, creativity and new work. It has also become another angle of marketing... which is fine. However, I do struggle at times with seeing my art as commodity and that has often cut off the joy of creating. I’m not against making money for my work, it still is a goal for me. My prayer is that I don’t forget vision and love in my work. I often ask myself whether I am creating out of love, or fear. When I am inordinately preoccupied with money it generally means I am operating out fear.

If any of you would like to give me feedback along the way, I ask that you would occasionally remind me hold on to that vision of operating out of love.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Open the doors and let in the fresh air!

So where have I been, you ask?

Working at odds and ends... temporary office jobs, freelance design, cleaning my studio, starting to paint, stopping painting... planning, getting distracted, sketching, working temporary office jobs... a sort of semi-productive, busy, slightly distracted cycle. I started looking for full time work, willing to put painting aside temporarily to pay off debt, although I know temporary stops can turn into years of not creating artwork.

I've been working hard on resumes, looking, strategizing, calculating... hitting the pavement and battling anxiety and discouragement. But in this season these efforts didn't open the doors I was trying to open.

Unexpected doors have recently opened; graceful swinging doors that have welcomed me in without having to pound them down or shove my foot in.

First was a call to work a couple of days a week at the Seaport Farmer's Market for Seafoam Lavender farms. I had to change my thinking from full time to part time work. I had resolved to "endure" any type of work environment to try and take the "long view", and here comes this offer of part time, low stress employment in a life giving (not to mention great smelling!) environment. In a sense I felt like I was surrendering the "security" of full time work, but in another sense I felt exactly like what I needed.

Around this time I was getting to know Daina, a fantastic artist at the Seaport Market who began encouraging me in my painting. Even though I had felt stuck, this encouragement started taking root. I began to clean out my studio so I could begin working, and the week it was completed this new friend contacted me with some amazing news... She had shown my work to two galleries and they both want to represent me! Thank you Daina... and thank you Galleries!!!

By the way, you can see out Daina's beautiful work at and The Witherstone Gallery at ALSO, take a look at Shelagh is another new artist friend from the market and galleries.

So here I am... with two days of work to bring in some extra money, a studio to work in, and two galleries to show in. I'm walking through the open doors baby!

Seaport Farmer's Market

Witherstone Gallery

Trilogy Gallery
Mahone Bay