Friday, December 9, 2011

Social Networking

I am feeling interested, yet precarious about social networking at the moment. I was encouraged on my “Linkedin” account to connect my blog to my website... helpful... good idea. It brings me here.

I want to share. I want people to see my work. I like being creative on the computer. I want to sell prints, share ideas, gain exposure, get feedback... I want to find ways to make a living as an artist.

I think it will take practice and discipline to know when to engage and when to step away. At some point I need to create something new and not rest on the laurels and marketing of past work.

Writing a blog is a way to engage in and perpetuate ideas, creativity and new work. It has also become another angle of marketing... which is fine. However, I do struggle at times with seeing my art as commodity and that has often cut off the joy of creating. I’m not against making money for my work, it still is a goal for me. My prayer is that I don’t forget vision and love in my work. I often ask myself whether I am creating out of love, or fear. When I am inordinately preoccupied with money it generally means I am operating out fear.

If any of you would like to give me feedback along the way, I ask that you would occasionally remind me hold on to that vision of operating out of love.